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Roll Off Container

Roll-off containers are commonly utilized for disposal of non-hazardous waste materials such as construction, renovation or demolition debris, old junk removal, moving lean outs, roofing projects, basemen or garage clean ups, yard waste, heavy waste and bulk items removal.

If you are Omaha home owner, property manager, renovation contractor or a construction contractor operating in Omaha then you are in the right place. We offer a wide range of waste removal professional services. 

We cannot be held responsible for damage to concrete, driveways, grass, underground sprinklers, driving surfaces, placement areas, lawns, sidewalks, meters, roller marks, minimal oil stains  etc.  We will always do our best to avoid damaging surfaces, but we cannot not be held responsible for the workmanship of existing surfaces or be able to assume the weight load they can accommodate. Nor will we have the ability to know what structures have been installed underneath areas that we may be asked to drive over and therefore cannot be responsible for underground system damage.

Sizes & Weight

We will help you determine the proper size of roll off container you are in need of renting by helping you determine estimated volume and weight.  There are volume (measured in cubic yards) and weight restrictions. The weight limitations and volume restrictions (must be level or below the top of the container) are so that we can abide by Department of Transportation requirements ensuring we can safely transport the container after pick up. Overloaded containers by weight or volume will result in an overage charge.

Ordering & Pick Up

Call our office to schedule your drop off or pick up at 402-344-4488. We kindly ask for 1-2 business days for us to schedule delivery and/or pick up.  We appreciate 24 hours notice prior to pick up request so we can get the box scheduled as timely as possible. During peak construction season, inclement weather or during natural disasters scheduling for delivery may extended our standard delivery time frame to several business days. After a box has been called in generally it takes 1 business day to be scheduled for pick up. However during peak construction times , inclement weather, natral disasters scheduling may take up to 7 days in rare instances. We do not guarantee same day delivery or pick up, however we can offer this service on occations for an additional fee when circumstances allow.

Delays in pick up may also occur if the container access has been; blocked, restricted by a locked gate / secure building and or area, ice, snow, or rain saturated surfaces make it unsafe or impossible to get access to the container. Should any of these issues occur please communicate with the office to avoid any late charges or additional trip charges. We want to make sure we have arrangements for a safe removal.   

Environmentally Responsible

We always recycle any viable recyclable materials including metal, wood and many others. After the waste container is loaded it is taken to the landfill directly or our transfer station where recyclables are sorted and redirected to find new purpose.

Sorry We Can't Take It

There are many items that are not accepted. These items include but are not limited to: 

  • liquids
  • wet cement
  • toxic / hazardous materials
  • paint
  • tires
  • computers
  • unserviced A/C or refrigerators. 

If you have a questionable item please feel free to call our office to determine if we are able to accept it. If we cannot we often can redirect you where you can safely and legally dispose of items in question.

Your Responsibility

  • Any items that are needed to be offloaded due to over filled container will be your responsibility to ensure safe transport and covering of container.
  • Obtain and needed permits or barricades needed if placed on public property, streets or alleyway.
  • While the container is in your custody the contents are your responsibility during rental.
  • Call for pick up 402-344-4488
  • Pay for any overweight fees or fines for items not accepted. 

Menu / Price List

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We are happy to answer questions or help you with decide which service is best for you.

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